The apparel project production 109 faction ladies' men's children's wear South Korea Chinese overseas production It is possible to produce with 60 OEM production low price denim pants and small 20 lots of the dress: I will do from Tokyo for the nationwide all worlds.

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ZIP code 168-0072

Tokyo Suginami Ward Takaido the east

Carrying: 090-3148-7443

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Is it a clothes making and do not it exist in the embarrassment?
Our company is a project production company that uses the sewing factory in South Korea and China.
Please leave apparel OEM production.

I will do for a small lot.

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Because the Chinese factory will be managed with South Korea and it produce
There is a cost advantage by the labor cost, the cloth fee, and the exchange.

Short delivery date low-priced high quality is made a basic policy.

There is no language barrier in the business talk.

The company is in Suginami Ward, Tokyo and is possible for quick footwork.
From keio line Takaido Station to 8 minutes on foot(It is 20 minutes on foot from Ogikubo Station of the JR Chuou Line. )

The car is also convenient because it is a train and even Shinjuku is along even in Shibuya for 15 minutes for 20 minutes eight ring roads.

Our map is here.

It is Shibuya, and Shinjuku, the cafe in Ogikubo, and the business talk in your company of Tokyo are welcomes.

Will you be worried about the leather production?It produces with 20 pieces.

(From 20 piece production and the unit price 9000 yen in the ram leather use. )


Even the jeans production   damage processing is perfect.

Small lots can actually produce. I am surprised as for one product number 60 pieces-  price of the surprise.

I will correspond to a small apparel manufacturer and the shop in a domestic distance.
It is a designer of the start-up as for a new brand.
Please let me hear the story.

(Mail can transmit from the inquiry. )

I will support the first, original project (production of clothes).
When it is possession, the image is easy.
:The progress method is in first customer [kochira] with the customer in the distance:

It makes the pattern, the sample is sewn with the proposal of the material, and the actual thing production starts.
You may consult from the hope sales price.

Please feel free to consult about the production lot. We will have dealings with 109 factions and specialty store externals.
Example of your wholesale price:

It is a unit price 700 yen per the big print T-shirt   production one color 100 number of production from the body.

From the unit price 1000 yen in 150 dress production.

From the unit price 2200 yen in 20 dress production

(It changes according to the exchange and the production time. Please acknowledge it. )

The cloth kind is abundant.

[Guranburijji]   GRAND BRIDGE
Please leave it to the   afferent duct of material   needlework   attachment   pattern   inspecting goods reason for the clothes making consistently.
It corresponds from the specialty store externals to the major apparel manufacturer.

[Nuno**] knit cut and sewn denim leather bag necklace brand name production and others

The institutionalization is not done. It is a personal business. This is a small apparel manufacturer and newly : the brand.


The big trader will be prepared in the middle and relieve, please when there is a problem of the account establishment.

Is it such cheap?Brand weaving name production. Name tag production.





Grand Bridge


Apparel OEM project production company

Please leave it if it is a thing of the production project of the men's   ladies'   child fashion.

It is an expert of the clothes making that uses the factory South Korea, China, and in Japan.

If it is purchase, it is Grand Bridge ([guranburijji]) as for the product of a high-quality low price.


ZIP code 168-0072

Tokyo Suginami Ward Takaido east 4-11

Telephone: 050-5532-2990

Carrying: 090-3148-7443

Skype name:   Sekiguchisan

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